Friday, September 28, 2012

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition 4

More zombies from the internets! They are infecting everything!!!!!

1) Play Dead

This Kickstarter funded short film is about dogs that are immune to zombie virus versus zombies as they roam in Miami. I like the little profiles at the beginning of the short film that tells each dogs name, their likes, their interest, and their temperament. After their owner's die, there are blissful moments of fun for them while humans are dying everywhere. I find it hilarious that one of the dogs is always pulling along their zombie owner. This film is extremely well done from the gore to the acting to the awesome dogs. It goes to a dark place fast, but still manages to keep the humor. The human's actions are understandable, but it's still sad. The post-zombie apocalyptic world is hard for a dog.

2) Zombie Call Center

This film is super short, but packs in good humor, satire, and zombie fun. I really really wanted her annoying co-worker to be eaten by a zombie. I just hate people that sit back and let everyone else do the work. In less than a minute, this guy annoyed the crap out of me and I really wanted Amy to succeed. The nonchalance that these people treat zombies with in this world makes me want to know more about how zombies effect their society and how many zombies there are. If satellite is a huge concern, then maybe it's not so bad.

3) Zombie Burger

There is a super awesome restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa that is zombie themed. This may seem kind of gross, what with zombies being rotting and all, but I find it cute and charming. Plus it features food with awesome names like the 28 Days Later Burger, The Boomstick burger, and salads called Soylent Greens. It is a little more expensive than just a burger place, but it's highly rated on Yelp by customers and it seems to be worth it. If only there were something like that here in California. I found out about it reading this months issues of Fangoria magazine where this restaurant was featured. 

More zombies soon!

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M.A.D. said...

A ... zombie ... themed ... eatery?!?
That is the neatest thing EVER!! ;D
*soylent greens* hahahahahaha

And Zombie Call Center was very cute, loved the meat on a jump-rope lol