Friday, September 21, 2012

Zombie Fashion

Do you want to advertise your love of zombies through fashion? There are a variety of super cute designs through retailers and people on Etsy that it's easy to find and sport creepy-cute designs whenever your little undead heart desires.

* I would love to wear this Creepy Exposed Brain Headband anywhere. It's super cute with just the right amount of cartoony gore and perfect for either every day wear or a light hearted zombie costume.

* These Iron Fist heels are decorated in squicky cartoony art, but are undeniably chic and fashionable. If I had the ability to walk in these heels without breaking an ankle, I would totally wear these.

* This Zombie Heart Locket Necklace is half brains, half zombie, and all awesome. It's hand carved clay and has a crazy amount of detail. Plus it matches the zombie shoes!

* These Zombie Cupcake earrings are good if you want subtle zombie jewelry. They are small and a lot of people might not notice that these cupcakes are less than wholesome unless they get a closer look. I love them!

* The Skull Cameo necklace is another one that is fairly subtle. People might think it's a regular cameo necklace if they don't pay close attention. It gives a new spin on a classic piece of jewelry perfect for zombie enthusiasts.

Have any favorite zombie clothes, costumes, or jewelry?

1 comment:

M.A.D. said...

These are all so cute!!!
Especially the headband and those cupcake earrings! I would wear all of this - even to the grocery store which would certainly empty those crowded aisles out in a hurry lol ;D