Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zombie Tarot

The situation is bleak: zombies were created as the result of a toxic spill and the disease has spread across the country. Nowhere is safe, but this unique tarot deck will tell you what to do if you are stuck. This Zombie Tarot deck contains a helpful booklet and 78 card tarot deck. The cards are beautiful and feature a colorful vintage and mixed media style. They portray a humorous and twisted undead take on the post-apocalyptic 50's. My favorite is the Empress, which is an obvious reference to Helen and Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead. The booklet tells what each card means and how to do your own reading in different formations.

This is my first beginner reading: the three of wands, the chariot, and the devil. The first card represents my past and means cooperation and group effort. The middle is my present, which means travel, progress, and conquest. The last is my future, indicating temptation, excess, and self destruction. Hmmmm. Doesn't look to good for me, especially in a zombie situation. Here are 2 of the other formations, the broken heart and the severed head.

This fun tarot deck features beautifully morbid art and high quality cards. The packaging is awesome down to the small details, like the bullets on the inner box, the yellowed newspaper look of the booklet, and the backs of the cards. This would be a great gift for any zombie lover or themed tarot fans.

My rating: 5/5 fishmuffins

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M.A.D. said...

Now that is the neatest thing ever!! How cool that you found this, Elizabeth! :D
It's been years since I've played with a tarot deck, but I've got to find this one or put it on my wish list <3