Thursday, September 13, 2012

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition 2

Rock out to zombie songs!

1) Dead is the New Alive by Emilie Autumn

I love this song and it was the first one I ever heard by Emilie Autumn, linked through Facebook by Lia Habel, awesome author of Dearly, Departed and Dearly, Beloved. In the zombie context, this song is about accepting zombism as the new alive and embracing it instead of fighting against it and being miserable. Kind of like joining the winning team in Arkham Horror.

2) Zombie by Natalia Kills

It's nice when a boy loves you for your brains, but it sucks when he wants to nom on them. This isn't the type of music I would usually listen to (because it reminds me of Rihanna little bit), but it's about zombies.

3) The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey

This is a super cute song about a zombie in love with a human. It's a sweet song that features super adorable art to illustrate the story. Plus, you can download it straight from the artist for free here.

Do you rock out to any awesome zombie tunes? Please share!

1 comment:

M.A.D. said...

*Dead is the new alive* ... that is priceless!!!
Wish I knew some good ones to add to the playlist, but nada :(