Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zombies in Art

Zombie art in all different mediums!

* Student Body by ~namesjames

I could totally see myself being the oblivious person listening to music until my brains get eaten by my zombified school mates. I love the serenity of her little world contrasting with the chaos and ookiness of the zombies about to strike.

Zombie Alice in Wonderland by ~Zosomoto

This adorably creepy doll version of Alice as a zombie. I wonder of the book Alice in Zombieland will look anything like this? The amount of detail on this doll is amazing, from the blood splatters to the drink me tag to her jewelry.

* Appetite for Brains by Michael C. Hayes

This is the art for a Magic the Gathering card that is such a nice, simple depiction of the phrase. Just a zombie nomming on some brains, as it should be.

* Zombie-corns 2 by ~misscoffee

These creepicute plushies are just perfect for Halloween. Zombism mixed with sugary goodness can only be awesome. Their little bloodthirsty eyes and sickly color are just perfect.

* White Zombie by *tolagunesro

If you love fairy tales, this artwork brings the zombie apocalypse to the fairy tale world. I wonder if she's eating the prince's brain? The dwarves seem to want some too.

Do you have favorite zombie themed artworks or have you made any?

1 comment:

M.A.D. said...

Omg - those zombie corns are the cutest things ever!!! <3
Some people are so dang talented & creepy ... oopsie ... meant CREATIVE ;D

Yeah, that would be your luck, girl, to be all wrapped up in music, or an audio book, while the rest of the world goes to shit. That's how you end up as Z-chow. PULL OUT THE EARBUDS, Elizabeth!! lol

In 'Appetite for Brains' - the ghoul looks a lot like the Crypt Keeper, don't cha think? O-o