Monday, September 17, 2012

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition 3

More zombie songs!

1) Zombies Ate Her Brain by The Creepshow

This cheery brain-nomming song is super catchy and upbeat. The Creepshow feature their psychobilly fashion and aesthetic well with a bit of humor thrown in. The first part of the video is in black and white with a style like the old Universal monster movies, which was a nice homage to the original monster movies.

2) The Zombie Song by Lawrence Cockrill

This song is from Songbook for the Civilized Zombie series that takes place in an alternate Britain that suffered a zombie outbreak in 1984. So the beginning is a PSA for the Lazarus Quincy Institute that rehabilitates zombies to not be ravenous eating machines. I really like the animation style and the actual song is cute and educational.

3) Zombie Love Song by Ray Johnson

This sweet love song is about a zombie that meets a girl online and doesn't just want to eat her brains, but also wants to steal her heart. The braaaaaaaaaaaaains chorus is funny and like zombies trying to sing. The animation isn't super detailed, but illustrates the song well, especially the Pacman clip. Wouldn't you date a zombie if he or she sang this song for you?

4) Never Look Back by The Nearly Deads

I love this song! Their sound is kind of like an indie Paramore. The song is awesome and captures the zombie apocalypse well. Their video is full of zombies and zombie references. Did you notice the Umbrella Corp symbol? or the Zombie Survival Guide being read? I like that it starts of looking like a normal day, but then BAM zombies.

More zombies to come! Stay tuned!

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