Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zombies in Art 2

More depictions of zombies by awesome artists!

* Raffle Zombie Bunny by *IckyDog

Do you like some creepy with your cute? Well, this adorable zombie bunny plushie should do the trick. It's hungry red eyes, bloodstained mouth, and exposed ribs are very well made and make for an adorable zombunny. I'm just sad it doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere.

* Zombunny Brooches by ~misscoffee

I would totally wear these adorable zombunny brooches to show my love for creepicute and zombies. Be careful. They may be cute, but they can swarm.

* ZOMBIE ME by *LordNetsua

This is one of the best zombie photos I have ever seen. The expression and the makeup are so awesome and  it looks like a screenshot out of a movie.

* Zombie... by *rylphotography

This is another phenomenal zombie portrait. The makeup work that went into that is so realistic and amazing and scary looking.

Have any favorite art that features zombies? Please share!

1 comment:

M.A.D. said...

Us zombie lovers sure are a *warped* bunch lol ;D

Yeah, the makeup in Zombie Me was so good, it was almost frightening (I would absolutely crap if I saw that walking down the street, even though I'd know better than to believe it was real) *urk* :P