Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Zombies in Theme Parks

Lots of theme parks have Halloween themed mazes and festivities. Here are ones (some that I went to and some that just look really cool) that included zombies. 

1) Corpz Scare Zone at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

It's a small section, but it was the best scare zone in the place with zombie soldiers and creepy props.

2) The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far maze at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

This maze heavily features zombies and takes you from the beginning of the 5th season to presumably the start of the 6th season. Enjoyably frightening.

3) Zombie Mob at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Japan

Zombies dance to Thriller and a medley of other songs. I wish this were at the American version instead of the Jabbawockees, who didn't really have much to do with horror or Halloween.

4) Special Ops: Infected interactive maze at Knott's Scary Farm

This is a pay to participate maze, but you get to go through and shoot zombies in real life. It looks pretty fun, but I didn't pay the extra money when I went. It looks like it's possible for you to die and then no longer participate which sounds pretty horrible especially because of the extra cost. The rest of the park is sadly zombie free except for some scare zones. 

Next month, I'll review both parks I went to and break down what I liked and what I didn't like. Stay tuned!

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