Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zombie Plushies

I just found out that Giant Microbes will be releasing a Zombie Virus plush that I'm totally going to get. So here are some other freaking adorable zombie plushies to cuddle until they eat your brains. Here are the cutest and most cuddly.

* Zombie Jake plush - This is from Slumber Party Panic (the very first episode of Adventure Time!) where candy zombies are eating and infecting candy people. Infected zombie Jake looks adorable.

* Zombie alpaca called Zombpacca (lol!) - I'm not sure where this alpaca trend came from, but every convention I go to has tons of normal alpacas. The zombie one is so freaking cute I would snatch it up in a second. Just adorable.

* Minecraft zombie - These guys may be pixellated, but they are still hungry for brains!

* Zombie plush hat - Don't you want to walk around with a plushy cozy zombie trying to eat your brains?

* Zoms - I also see these guys at conventions and I love them. I usually run out of money there and can't afford them, but I should order one. They are so chubby and adorable and hugable looking. Plus they come in all different designs now. 

Any favorite zombie plushies? 

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