Saturday, September 12, 2015

Zombie Tunes

More zombie songs! Got any favorites I haven't covered? Please comment!

1) The Spin Wires - Reckless

This super upbeat song hides the bleakness of the subject matter. I could totally dance to this song about a hopeless fight against the undead. The narrator will obviously fight against the horde as long as he can, but he's got no friends and no reason to live. This is the perfect song to play Kill All Zombies (for PS4) and a perfect theme song.

2) Pushing Pencils - Of Course Not

I'm a sucker for a cute zombie romance song. This song has it all: a slow romantic beginning, a rockin' middle, and a brain eating ending. Zombies can never resist the allure of brains, even for love. It's a very cute and catchy song with fun contrasting parts. I also love that the video is a mixture of a conventional performance video and a lyric video in one. The graphic words just add to the fun.

3) Levitika - Zombie Barbie

This song hooked me right from the distorted "Merrily Merrily..." right at the beginning. The lead singer's outfits are insane: there's the very first look with the crazy contacts and infected skin, then the glow in the dark sugar skull look, and lastly the perfect pink Barbie in a box look. This instance of zombie is about conformity: adhering to plastic, unrealistic beauty standards and losing yourself as a result. The look is on point. The song is relevant and enjoyable to listen to. The lead singer's vocals are the right balance of lyrical and raw.

More zombie fun to come!

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