Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zombie Tunes 2

More zombie songs!

1) No Work Today by Mae Martin

This is the happiest sounding song about the zombie apocalypse. Mae saw this coming and uses her zombie movie knowledge to survive. Some good things come out of it like no work and not having to deal with your annoying roommate who then gets eaten by zombies (probably). Maybe you shouldn't have left passive aggressive notes or put your crap on the shared space of the apartment, Janine! Anyway, this cute, mellow song almost makes the zombie apocalypse seem pleasant with some helpful tips.

2) Stop, I'm Already Dead by Deadboy and the Elephantmen

This is the super catchy theme song for iZombie. I actually prefer this shortened version over the full song. I think it captures the great parts of the song without being so repetitive. The driving, rhythmic guitar and drums makes it something I want to dance to and the lyrics are perfect. The visuals pay homage to the comic that shares the title and not much else with the show plus it captures the whole concept in a fun, colorful, stylized video.

3) I'm Killing Zombies by Brysi

I'm Killing Zombies is a straightforward song about killing zombies. I can understand the change of opinion. When they aren't beating down your door trying to kill you, zombies are pretty interesting and cool even. I would kill them in a heartbeat if they attacked me too no matter how interesting the media around them is. It's a cute song with fun references.

More zombie fun to come!

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