Sunday, September 6, 2015

Current Zombies Coming to Get You: Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is the prequel/spin-off series to The Walking Dead. It's currently on TV every Sunday on AMC. It recounts the start of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles while following a blended dysfunctional family. They have issues before the trouble even starts: the older son Frank is a drug addict who witnesses a zombie attack while high. Of course no one believes him and the cycle of rehab, detox, and back to addiction starts over again. You can tell the family is getting tired of it and have little sympathy for him and his antics. Of course he is proven rights and we witness the start of riots and chaos that will precede the zombie apocalypse. While the first episode wasn't perfect and some of the dialog and situations were a little clunky compared to the Walking Dead, I can totally see this happening. I live near LA and there is no doubt in my mind that these events would happen. People would totally riot and protest over seemingly unarmed people being shot and then everything would descend into chaos. Lots of parts are realistic, suspenseful, and downright scary.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the first two episodes. The show can't just throw us into a zombie horde. We have to care about the characters first and establish their characters so we can see their development or care about their deaths. There have only been a few zombies, but it's just the start of the downfall of society. I'm sure there will be more soon. I'm personally enjoying the show immensely and I'm loving seeing their characters and plots unfold. Check out the trailer and tune in if you're interested. Fans of the Walking Dead will like it if they allow the show to grow and evolve on its own. Just keep in mind that it's a different show and will start a bit slower due to actually starting at the beginning. Check out the trailer!

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