Monday, September 21, 2015

Zombie Stuff: Kitchen and Decor

Here are just the items to decorate your home, eat off of, or drink that feature zombies.

* This cup comes from Trader Sam's Tiki Bar at Disneyland when you get a zombie drink. The drink is pretty strong and heavy on rum, but the cup is the huge draw for me because it's just fun. It's not super huge, but it's fun to use and good quality.

* This zombie head cookie jar from Think Geek is cartoony enough not to put you off of the cookies within and just fun to look at. Plus it's on sale right now, which is always nice. Kids might find it too scary which will keep their paws of your delicious cookies.

* Think Geek has lots of cute zombie decor like these zombie flamingos for your lawn. I don't usually go for a lot of lawn decorations, but I would make an exception for these adorably sinister ornaments. These are perfect for Halloween or just every day if you're brave enough.

* Zombie Zinfandel is the perfect wine to save and share with your fellow survivors during the zombie apocalypse. I prefer the previous label at the top, but the bottom label is a little more dirty and apocalypse-like. Either way, this California red wine is a deep purple and pairs well with whatever red meats you choose to eat.

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