Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Martin has only survived the Nazi zombie attack out of all of his friends. He hasn't gone through unscathed as he was brutally attacked and was forced to cut his own arm off after being bitten. After thinking he had returned all the gold to the Nazi zombies, Martin takes his own car away to try to get on with his life, but he still has one coin. Herzog, the Nazi zombie leader, loses his arm in an accident and leaves when that last coin is returned to him. Martin wakes up with Herzog's arm attached to him and in handcuffs as the police think he went on a murderous rampage and killed all of his friends. The arm has a mind of its own and starts killing people left and right, but it also has the power to raise the dead under his own control. Can Martin and his not-so-trusty zombie arm beat the zombie before they wreck havoc and complete their decades old quest?

Dead Snow 2 ends right where the first film left off: with Martin discovering the coin in his jacket and then escaping from the murderous Nazi zombies. This film takes the goriness and goofiness from the first movie and turns it up to eleven. The plot takes right off with no messing around with happy, idyllic scenes to ruin. Martin is saved, but he's immediately accused of murdering his friends and his beloved girlfriend. His stories of Nazi zombies are ignored and he's left handcuffed to a hospital bed with a zombie arm attached to him. The ensuing scenes of him fighting his zombie arm and accidentally killing people everywhere is comedy gold. It's reminiscent of films like Idle Hands and Dr. Strangelove and accompanied with a giant torrent of blood. The blood and gore effects are over the top enough to be comical, but are also really disgusting and gruesome.

Herzog and his Nazi zombie army aren't just around to get their gold back; they died without having completed a task given to them straight from Hitler to completely wipe out a Norwegian town as punishment for their betrayal of the Nazis. The expansion of their backstory made the story was unexpected. In such a silly film, I expected them to just create havoc for havoc's sake, but this is better. They travel across Norway slaughtering people along the way, adding them to their army, and hijacking a World War II tank. The zombies have a further history with a group of Russian POWs they executed and buried. Martin of course exploits this fact. He accidentally finds out he has the same power as Herzog to raise and control the dead and it's a mad dash to amass an army to compete with the Nazi's and make the finale as bloody and ridiculous as possible.

One other addition to the film is a "professional" Zombie Squad from the United States. A child that finds Martin in the hospital puts them into contact (before Martin accidentally crushes his chest in a hilariously gory attempt at CPR). They turn out to be 3 unbelievably attractive nerds who have never seen a zombie before. They immediately fly over, spend a ton of money on zombie killing tools, and turn out to be unrealistically good at killing zombies. They succeed in distracting the Nazi zombies enough so that Martin can amass his zombie army. Some parts are a little cringy and one of the team members makes as many Star Wars references as possible, but they were a nice addition to the cheese in the film.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is bloody good fun. I laughed out loud so many times. The only part I could have done without is the love scene at the very very end when Martin resurrects his dead girlfriend. I guess the filmmakers just had to top the outhouse sex scene from the first movie. Other than that, I loved this movie even more than the first one. The pace flows well and doesn't drag anywhere. Everything is pretty funny or over the top gory. It's a perfect, fun horror comedy. Recommended if you want a silly movie with gallons of blood and gore.

My rating: 9/10

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