Saturday, September 26, 2015

Zombie Tunes 3

More zombie tunes for your undead music needs.

1) Zombie Song by The PDX Broadsides

This zombie song is cute and cheerful, letting people know to kill them if they become a zombie. Most people would rather be dead than nom on their friends and family, so I can relate. The group sings well in harmony and somehow trained a zombie to accompany them on guitar.

2) Return of the Loving Dead by the Nekromantix

The Nekromantix take a different route and describe the benefits of having an undead lover. Living ones are so willful and hurtful, but the dead will comply with your needs and never hurt you. I always like rockabilly, especially with horror subjects. I love the contrast of the dark subject matter and cheerful, upbeat melody.

3) Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

This song isn't explicitly about zombies, but a lot of phrases and concepts in the lyrics point to it: breathing in chemicals, new age, revolution. Zombies would overthrow the world order and put man at the bottom of the foodchain again. Chemicals and radioactivity are a typical start of a zombie apocalypse as seen in the very first zombie film, Night of the Living Dead. I've visualized these whenever I hear this song and I hope others do too. Plus the video is adorable with battling muppets.

More zombie fun to come!

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