Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nazi Zombies!!

Dead Snow starts out as many horror movies do: with a group of college students going to a secluded cabin on vacation to do some partying and drinking. What's drastically different is the beautiful Norwegian landscape that provides the backdrop. The scenery is amazing and provides a stark contrast to the grisly zombie violence. Anyways, the students are interrupted by a creepy stranger that tells them of the history of the place: After being tortured and robbed, the inhabitants of the town rose and fought the Nazis during World War II. The Nazis tried to escape with the gold, but were never seen again. It was assumed that they died in the mountains. After the creepy guy leaves, they find a box of random treasures underneath the floorboards of the cabing they are staying at. Then the Nazi zombies come into the picture to try to reclaim that gold.

This movie was very funny. It really isn't anything new or groundbreaking in the zombie genre; it's just really fun. (I personally thought this was the first nazi zombie movie, but I have been told that I am wrong.)There are some gross-out scenes and some really, really funny scenes. One of my favorite scenes is where a guy suddenly appears with a machine gun attached to his snow mobile. Other characters even wonder where he got it from. The zombie violence is way over the top, kind of like the Kill Bill films.

There were some little problems, like anachronisms with the Nazi uniforms and my own disagreements with the ablities of zombies (they can't climb trees!). Overall, the movie was lots of fun and I am going to add it to my library of zombie films when it comes out on DVD. I was very happy that I got to see it in the theater before the DVD release since it is an small indie movie. Support the little guy! Here's the trailer!

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vvb32 reads said...

you know what i like about this one. it's a foreign zombie film. i always like to see the perspectives of zombies from non-u.s. countries.