Sunday, September 27, 2009

Contagious Review

Contagious picks up shortly after Infected ended. Perry Dawsey, the only survivor of the triangle parasites, joins a government team to find and contain other people affected by these parasites. Unfortunately for his group mates, Perry is only interested in killing the affected. The government has to find the triangles constructs, destroy them, and try to get living ones to dissect without the public knowing about it and trying to prevent Perry from killing all of them. This novel is a great fast paced thriller that holds on to you and doesn’t let go.

This book features a variety of very detailed characters, including the crazy Scary Perry Dawsey, the struggling new President of the United States, and two of his rivaling aids. None of them is entirely good or evil and have their own motivations and drives. You feel for each character, no matter how annoying or psychotic they might be.

There are a couple of great additions to Contagious that did not appear in Infected. The government plays a much larger role. There is an added political angle within the president. He has to negotiate between his ideals and how to deal with the very real situation he was unwittingly thrown into. How much does he tell the American people? Are Americans citizens expendable to stop a hostile alien invasion? Another great addition to the story is the alien perspective. The alien's motives are pretty clear with this, as well as their frustration with the humans (especially Perry).

Contagious is an excellent sequel to Infected. It takes the story and its characters to the next frightening level. I highly recommend this novel.



Nina said...

Thank you for your review. The cover alone freaks me out! :)

Misty said...

I like the idea of a more governmental slant. There's so much you can do, there. And the President is Scary Perry? Awesome.

titania86 said...

Scary Perry is not the president. That would be horrifying. I was listing characters and I didn't realize it could be read that way. Oops!

vvb32 reads said...

been meaning to read this series. did you know it started as a podcast freebie?

titania86 said...

Velvet, I did know that. It's actually still available for free as a podcast, but I don't really like listening to audiobooks. So I just buy the books. :)