Saturday, September 24, 2016

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition

Awesome internet stuff, now with zombies!

* VHS 2 - A Ride in the Park

I couldn't find a complete version of this short, but it's awesome. It features a cyclist with a helmet camera being attacked by a zombie and turns into a zombie himself. The short has very little dialog, but truly captures what a zombie outbreak would look like. I completely recommend watching the entire thing.

* A Zombie Love Song

This is a cute song about a guy who loves his zombie girlfriend. I like the song even though the subject matter is pretty awful. He goes through the things he loves about her that include not having a personality anymore, not having to do the things she liked to do since she doesn't like anything anymore, and not having to spend time with her friends or family. He must not have liked his girlfriend very much in the first place. The ending is fitting and the song is upbeat and catchy.

* The Dangers of Having a Chainsaw for a Hand

Funny or Die just came out with this video about how Ash's daily life must go with a shainsaw for a hand. Of course he would refuse to use his normal hand for everything and make everyone else's life miserable. Barbara Crampton shows up with a demon possessed boyfriend at the end. Very fun and I can't wait for more Ash next season of Ash vs. Evil Dead!

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