Friday, September 23, 2016

Zombie Shorts from Boost Mobile

Although these shorts are ads for Boost Mobile, these videos are short films on living in the zombie apocalypse. I hadn't heard of these before, but I saw them on author Rhiannon Frater's Facebook and discovered it was a whole series.

* Shopping During the Zombie Apocalypse

Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse. from Mattdevine on Vimeo.

This one captures how to have fun during the zombie apocalypse. It's reminiscent of Zombieland as the woman relishes in her zombie kills with rollerskates, a high energy soundtrack, and a bit of romance at the end. They don't let zombies ruin their day.

* Getting Gas During the Zombie Apocalypse

Getting gas in Zombie apocalypse. from Mattdevine on Vimeo.

Ben is tasked with getting gas for the generator and accomplishes it in an incredibly clever way. First, he sets up a boom box and plays a baby's cries to get the zombies to come out. Then her straps machetes to the bottom sides of his motorcycle to zombie feet and limit their mobility so he can dispatch them at his leisure. Although I could see a lot of accidents happening with that method, it's unique nonetheless.

* A Day at the Office in the Zombie Apocalypse

A day at the office in a Zombie apocalypse. from Mattdevine on Vimeo.

Mary heads to an office for some phone chargers and has to dispatch some zombies to get them using paper cutters. The meeting room scene is the best and it encompasses my feelings about real work meetings.

I'm a little sad there are only three of them, but these videos are a fun way to market a product with good storytelling and zombies.

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