Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Horror Mini-Reviews: Zombie Edition

* Resident Evil

Alice wakes up with no memory. Umbrella Corporation's top secret facility called The Hive is home to an outbreak of a zombie disease called T-Virus. Alice has to escape the facility with a group of other Umbrella operatives through crowds of zombies and other experimental creatures. I had heard pretty good things about the first Resident Evil film, but I was pretty bored through the whole thing. I didn't really care about Alice and her drama or really any of the human characters. The effects didn't age well, the writing wasn't very good, and the acting was pretty abysmal. It's a basic action movie with none of the horror I expected. The only thing that really intrigued be was the T-virus itself and the Red Queen, the AI of the facility that would do anything (including keeping all living things inside) to keep the T-virus from spreading. I'm on the AI's side and I say few lives of the people trapped inside are well worth not having everyone else turn into zombies. But whatever, there are 4 sequels with one more coming to theaters. Not into it.

My rating: 2/5 fishmuffins

* Dinner

Cesar Aira's short novel features zombies as I've never seen them. Like the original Night of the Living Dead, all dead people rise as zombies. These zombies have long limbs and can move fast, but clumsily. Their hunger drives them to be more savage. The graveyards bursting with dead overflow and attack the living for their endorphins. The dead go throughout the town to those that have exciting, happy lives, crack open their heads, and suck the endorphins right out of their brains. This new view of zombies is unique, but the fact that people seem perfectly fine afterwards stretched the limits of my suspension of disbelief. Even an emotional change would have made sense.

The other parts of the story are about the most insanely boring people: a middle aged man and his mother. They have excruciatingly dull dinner parties with people they don't even like and generally complain about everything. I thought the story would lead these people being compared to the zombies, but it just randomly followed their dull story at the end. This book had some great ideas, but overall, it was a disappointment.

My rating: 2/5 fishmuffins

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