Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Upcoming Zombies Sneaking Up Behind You Part 3

These zombies are shuffling your way!

1) iZombie Season 3

I LOVED iZombie season 2. I failed to truly review it, but the ending was jawdropping. The entire show has such humor, but also emotion and wonderful characters that truly develop. This next season features some alums from Veronica Mars, which I haven't seen much of. I've always heard it was very good and that iZombie is kind of a zombie version of Veronica. You can expect the new season and tons of new brains for Liv to eat in January 2017.

2) Daniel Waters new zombie books

Daniel Waters wrote a series of zombie books that started with Generation Dead that I have greatly enjoyed. He uses sentient zombies as an allegory for civil rights of different types in an effective way. The whole series has been rereleased on Amazon with new covers, plus a brand new fourth book called All My Friends Are Dead. It compiles Tommy's My So-Called Undeath blog and three brand new stories. I'm ready to reread the series and plunge into new stories. Hopefully this will lead to a new full length book as well.

3) Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter

As you might have read, I'm not a huge fan of the first Resident Evil film. I think I had much higher expectations for it than it delivered. The latest one looks like a fun action film with tons of zombies. Iain Glen looks delightfully sinister as the villain. Milla Jovovich looks badass and the stunts look cool. I think it could be fun now that I've re-evaluated the series and seen that it's has more in common with action than horror. You can watch it in theaters on January 27, 2017.

Look out for zombies!

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