Saturday, September 17, 2016

Current Zombies Coming to Get You: Z Nation Season 3

Z Nation is back with a two hour season premiere! It doesn't take place after the second season finale, but sometime when the Zombaby is still a baby, Cassandra is still alive, and the group is still on its way to California to find the CDC.  The Z Nation team meets an interesting group that tried to cure the Z1N1 with a fungus, but failed. The people infected with the fungus are stuck in limbo, not dead but not able to communicate. This group is under fire by The Man, working for a rich, aged man living as if zombies don't exist. He wants a doctor there, but the people know no one ever returns if taken my him. Warren and her group of course step in to save them and fight back.

This episode reminded me why I like this show. It combines emotional drama, ridiculous humor, and stalwart, competent characters. This ultra long episode was entertaining, but the only new thing to come out of it is a new set of villains. It's still nice to see Doc, Addy, Murphy, 10k, and Warren do what they do best. Murphy shines this episode as he expresses deep sympathy for those infected by the fungus. He can hear them and acts as translator to the living, leading to some pretty emotional conversations. I liked some of the new characters including the Man with his weird quirks. It'll be interesting how they all come into play in in the present state of the show. Check it out on SyFy Channel if you haven't yet!

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