Monday, September 5, 2016

Horror Movie Mini-reviews: Zombie Animal Edition


A zombie virus outbreak occurs at a zoo, infecting most of the zoo animals. The staff tries to lock down the zoo and prevent them from spreading the virus world wide. This mediocre film is by the same studio that made Sharknado. There are a few fun moments in the film. Zombie koalas attacking unsuspecting children who want to treat them like stuffed animals are pretty hilarious. The film tries hard to be Jurassic Park, but it has none of the budget, charismatic actors, or coherent story. CGI is way overused and most of it looks awful. The acting is almost painfully bad and they try to make it so serious. It's a low budget camp film, but not acted like it's campy. What's the point? It's just poorly done and boring to watch after a while. The so bad it's good quality loses it's charm after about the first half hour. While I like the idea of zombie animals, I would like to see it done in better quality.

My rating: 1/5 fishmuffins


Toxic chemicals turn normal beavers into undead monsters while college students are looking to have a good time in a nearby cottage. Zombeavers is everything I wanted Zoombies to be: campy, clever, bloody, and most importantly funny. This movie is the epitome of so bad it's good. The film moves at a good pace and no scene ever drags. Even the typical partying and sex scenes near the beginning of the film are infused with self aware humor that makes them not boring as dirt as usual. The dialogue is unexpected and clever as it points out the ridiculousness of the premise and the situations. The characters are unlikeable stock horror characters, but played with purposeful camp. The zombeavers are adorable and creepy. Sometimes they are portrayed by the cutest puppets and other times by pretty shoddy CGI. The difference between this and Zoombies is that the badness is an intentional homage to B horror movies and it's very funny. I found myself laughing more often then not. The transmission of the zombeaver disease is even funnier than the zombeavers themselves. Instead of becoming conventional zombies, the infected people sprout giant buck teeth and a beaver tail as well. As horror comedies go, this is a good one if you don't mind a healthy dose of camp with low budget CGI and puppets. This will definitely be in my rotation of movies that cheer me up.

My rating: 4/5 fishmuffins

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