Saturday, September 10, 2016

Zombies in Art: Magic the Gathering Edition

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive planeswalker set for Magic the Gathering featured 5 planeswalkers and 4 of them were zombies. Eric Deschamp's art is gorgeous, quirky, and macabre. Each zombie is themed towards that planeswalker's power except for Liliana who controls the zombies. This never actually happened in the Magic stories, but it's an interesting fantasy set that asks what if the other planeswalkers were Liliana's zombie puppets.

Nissa Revane wields nature's power, but as a zombie, she acts as fertilizer for flowers.

Jace Beleran has great power of the mind, including creating illusions, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Zombie Jace eats his own powerful brain.

Chandra Naalar is imbued with fire magic. Unfortunately, zombies don't react well to fire...

Gideon Jura has great strength and valor in battle. His severed arm, once used to save others, strangles his own neck,

And leading them all is well dressed necromancer Liliana Vess, happy that her rivals are gone and puppets for her to command.

Too bad for her this didn't really happen, but it makes a great collectible product that I knew I had to own. I love when two things I love work together. If you'd like prints of any of these works, go to Eric Deschamp's website and there are lots of size options plus you can check out his other works.

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