Sunday, September 5, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack

When I think of [adult swim], I think of their TV shows like Robot Chicken or Family Guy. But on their website, they have bunches of super awesome flash games, like the various version of 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself and Robot Unicorn Attack. Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the weirdest games I've encountered on the web. It features a robot unicorn that you have to guide over treacherous terrain of purple topped cliffs using only 2 buttons. The Z button is used to jump or double jump to stop from falling off of a cliff and reaching the higher cliff that comes next. The X button is used to dash through star shaped boulders so you aren't smashed into a million pieces against it. The game is continuous and goes until you eventually die. Each time you play, you get three chances to go as far as possible and collect as many points as you can. Points can be earned by catching the robotic fairies that float around, dashing through the star shaped boulders, and going the furthest distance. You can't see the where the next boulder, dip, or hill is going to be, so you fingers have to be fast or you will die a fiery horrible death.

The purple landscape and the clouds and rainbows in the sky give the game a bubblegummy, sugary sweet feel, as expected with anything involving unicorns. A rainbow even forms from the tail of the unicorn when it jumps from cliff to cliff. When you do really well and catch all the fairies and blast through all the boulders, robotic dolphins will start to leap from the bottom of the screen and follow you as you go. As you keep up the good work, more and more dolphins will join in. The game is so addictive and fun, but I really can't say why. It could be the song "Always" by Erasure plays on a loop while you try to survive. This song is serious perfect for the feel of the game. I seriously thought it was made as a mock late 80's fantasy song from a movie like The Last Unicorn. I was shocked to find out it's an actual song. Here's the cheesetastic video:

I think the real reason why I like this game is because no matter how good you are or how far you get in the game, the robot unicorn always dies and this screen will be the inevitable end.

That's why this game is decisively Team Zombie.

My rating: 8/10 fishmuffins

** This post is for Velvet's September Zombies. **


Mary Ann said...

We love adult swim, especially Squid Billys, but haven't been to the website.

This game looks great, have to try it out. I love the Press *Z*

Go Team Zombies :D

Misty said...

Ha. Sicko.

Giada M said...

I'm going to play right now! >_<

Grupo 215 said...

Can you get on top of some high platforms in the game Robot Unicorn Attack?
In the game Robot Unicorn Attack, certain platforms are elevated, and normally you would go under them in a narrow passageway. However, you can still see the grassy tops of them. So if you jump in advance and get lucky, is it possible to get on top of one? And does anything special happen if you do? i have been asking myself that question for a very long time without getting a answer!!

titania86 said...

@Grupo 215: If you double jump, you can get to the higher platforms. Nothing super special happens. Sometimes it's easier than sneaking into the narrow caves. Hope this helps!