Friday, September 24, 2010

The Walking Dead: TV Show

Did you know the epic comic book series, The Walking Dead, is being turned into a TV show? I am so incredibly excited! I think a television series is so much better to express the whole series because removing vital scenes due to time really wouldn't be necessary. Here's the wonderful trailer:

The zombies in the show look way better than even zombies in movies. I don't know if they had a lot of money or just really talented make up Plus they look extra super creepy. Here's a video about making the "bicycle girl" (the zombie pictured below). The transformation is really amazing.

I can't wait for October 31st!! It looks like it's going to be pretty close to the graphic novel. I'll leave you with some cool screenshots.

** This post is for Velvet's September Zombies.**


Heather said...

Oh how exciting!!! I can't wait to watch!!! Thanks for posting a clip!

Vampires and Tofu said...

I. Can't. Wait. For. This!