Thursday, September 12, 2013

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition

Various internet findings involving zombies!

1) Victorian Undead

This short film is fairly basic with no dialog at all, but the costuming and zombie makeup are pretty awesome. I could definitely see this as a scene from a feature film and I would love to see it expanded. I like period zombie films and books because they don't have the technology we have today and it makes it even harder to beat them or escape them.

2) Zombies Run! 2 app

This is a fitness app to make working out a little more fun. Instead of just running or walking or bike riding, you can do it with a cool zombie story. There are over 60 missions. As you go, you pick up various items needed, save people from zombies, run from zombies, and so much more! You can hear the zombie horde as it tries to catch you and the reporter tells you when you are clear. I hate running, but adding this cool feature would definitely motivate me to run more. The app is 50% right now for $3.99 and they also have an app to train for a 5k. Available for both Google and iOS.

3) Undead Teds

Undead Teds are adorable zombie teddy bears! They are handmade and adorably macabre. The creators of these take existing dolls and add blood, gore, and bones to them. There are a huge variety of them, but unfortunately, they're all sold out! What zombie fan wouldn't want one of these creepy cute dolls to grace their homes? Besides their website, you can follow them on their Tumblr or Facebook. Below are some of my favorites.

Post your own zombie internet awesomeness below!

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