Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Internet Awesomeness : Zombie Edition 2

Awesome zombie stuff! Anything goes: videos, games, anything!

* They Will Eat You!

They Will Eat You! is a creepy internet zombie game. When chemical waste seeps into the ground of the local cemetery, the dead rise! The simple object is to run from the zombies. You have no weapons and you are dead after 3 bites (which is generous). The music that's used during gameplay is so creepy and enhances the atmosphere. Check out the Zombie Education section which details which parts of the human body zombies find most tasty, zombie evasion methods and their effectiveness, a pie graph on the intention of an approaching zombie, and graph detailing the population growth (or lack thereof) of both zombies and humans during a zombie apocalypse. Scroll to the right to see all the diagrams and graphs. Play it here!

* Zombie Parkour

If you aren't aware, parkour is a training method influenced by military obstacle training. The aim is to overcome obstacles as efficiently as possible using only their own bodies and their surroundings to propel them. The film shows people using parkour to avoid zombies. These zombies are super fast and coordinated! They jump without stumbling, climb things, etc. If these parkour guys can't avoid them, there's really no hope for the rest of us. There isn't really a plot. It's a glimpse into this world without dialog. I would like to see a full length film with a more set story, but this is a great start.

* Breaking Dead

Some awesome person cut together scenes of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead to make an awesome show! It sounds like Jesse accidentally makes some sort of zombie meth and infects the world! It's beautifully and almost seamlessly cut to look like one show that I would totally watch! The dialog works incredibly well with the visuals. I love Walter's speech about people surviving.

* The Dead 2: India trailer

I just heard about there being a sequel to The Dead and a trailer was just posted today! It looks really good. A zombie plague is bad news for a country as densely populated as India. It seems to have a higher budget than its predecessor because it looks a little more polished. I hope the story is as good.

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