Friday, September 6, 2013

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

Angel Crawford is still on the straight and narrow, but her life isn't trouble free. Her deadbeat, alcoholic dad is hard to deal with and they constantly butt heads. Angel has a precarious and uneven relationship with her sort of boyfriend Marcus on top of the zombie mafia and warring unscrupulous corporations. Her boss is looking for any little flaw or reason to fire her at the coroner's office. These problems are pretty normal and manageable until a zombie film is being made at the local high school, starting with an accidental death on the set. The plot thickens when Angel notices that real zombies in bad shape are part of the cast of the film. Angel must figure out what they are being used for and what is wrong with them before they end up eating the whole cast and crew and exposing zombies to the world.

Angel Crawford is one of my favorite kickass zombie protagonists. Despite rough beginnings and a lot of bad choices, she has not only successfully turned her life around, but is preparing to achieve greater things than she ever thought possible. She studies for the GED and aspires to do more with her considerably long life. Distancing slightly herself from Marcus, she figures out how to be more independent and builds their relationship slowly and methodically. She takes her job very seriously and strives to prove the naysayers wrong by being the best. Her coworkers have become friends over time and they go out of their way to help each other out and depend on each other. Angel is practically unrecognizable from the person she was on page 1 of the first book because of the time and effort she put into improving herself. At this point, Diana Rowland may need to change the title of the books since she's not really white trash anymore. She isn't perfect and she doubts herself, but she's proven to be an amazing character.

On the zombie side of things, it's getting interesting! Angel's zombie spawn is one of the zombies that is rotting and generally not having a good time being undead, so even though he acts like a violent jerk, she's still concerned about him. She discovers that since she made him into a zombie, she feels the urge to help him and care for him brought on by her parasite. This gives more insight into her and Marcus' relationship and explains at least part of why he can be controlling (although it doesn't let him completely off the hook). It also gives more insight to her own zombism and the parasite that lives inside her. Dr. Charish is back (ugh) and there is more horrible experimentation of dubious success on zombies.

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse is the weakest book in the series, but I still liked it very much. The plot seems scattered at first, but comes together nicely in the end. There are some very emotional scenes involving Angel and her dad that I absolutely loved. The new characters and the characters that are becoming more important to the story are enjoyable and well written. I look forward to the next book in the series.

My rating: 4/5 fishmuffins

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Melliane said...

I really need to try the series, I have the first book. It sounds really fun!