Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zombie Songs Part 1

Rock out to some zombie tunes!

1) The Priscillas - All My Friends Are Zombies

Experience the zombie apocalypse from the other side! You're hanging out with your zombie friends and then BAM! Someone just kills your friends right in front of you! So rude! Anyway, I love everything about this upbeat punk song: the lyrics, the retro look, and especially the star shaped tambourine.

2) The Aquabats - Fashion Zombies

Fashion zombies! My interpretation of the song is people who dress a certain way to be popular and not because they actually want to dress that way. It's kind of like George A. Romero films that critique consumerism, but a specific aspect of it in young people. The video is adorable and cartoony and the song is super catchy.

3) The Extended Zombie Song from How Resident Evil Should Have Ended

Who doesn't want to hear zombies belting out a melancholy ballad about being lonely and craving brains? This song is so funny and well harmonized for flesheating corpses. If you like this silly song, you can download it for free here.

Let me know your favorite zombie jams!

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