Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plague Nation

Ashley Parker is a wild card, immune to the zombie plague and forced to join a paramilitary organization to combat the zombies. After an ambush, San Francisco has been completely overtaken by zombies, so her and her fellow wild cards travel to San Diego to find a cure and end the zombie plague. A wrench gets thrown in their plans when a mysterious organization tries to weaponize the zombie virus and then it becomes airborne. No one can control how it spreads any longer and physical contact isn't needed. Ashley and her team are the only people who can really help save the world. Let's hope they can survive long enough to fight against the coming zombie hordes.

Ashley Parker is once again a wonderful heroine. She's strong, but still sympathetic and emotional, and she's grown a lot since the last book. Although still fun, the whole novel takes on a darker tone. There are less references (OMG that Great Race reference!) and jokes than the previous books and some truly sobering and tearjerking events happen. I like that the tone isn't completely lighthearted because it would feel jarring to go from something depressing to silly jokes right after. Ashley has to deal with very harsh truths. Even though she's superhuman, she can't save everyone. Sometimes people are going to die on her watch and she will be powerless to stop it. A lot of the things she goes through is reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I love! She has to deal with all this supernatural stuff and still maintain fairly normal platonic and romantic relationships within that crazy world.

Plague Nation doesn't suffer from second book syndrome. It's just as captivating and action-packed as the first book. The plot twists and turns so I don't know what to expect next. Intermixed with Ashley's story, little vignettes describe how the zombie plague is advancing in different parts of the US and how a Typhoid Mario spreads the disease through sleeping with people. The new creepy organization that wants the zombie plague to spread is very human and terrifying. It makes me wonder how a person could want that for the world, especially when it puts them at great risk as well.

Plague Nation is almost as good as Plague Town. The only negative thing is that the book meanders until the halfway and then picks up momentum. Dana Fredsti takes some risks and reminds us that not every character is safe. I really want to read Plague World now, but it's not out until April 8th, 2014! Ugh, why must I wait so long? Highly recommended!

My rating: 4.5/5 fishmuffins

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