Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zombie Songs 2

More fun zombie tunes!

1) Zombies Are People Too by David Ritter

This song is sung by zombies trying get to people barricaded away. They try to spread propaganda so people won't kill them and allow them to eat their brains. Ingenious! I can't embed the song, but it can be heard and downloaded for free from David Ritter's website.

2) Shoot the Zombies (By Shooting Them in the Head) by Andrew

The people from the first song should listen to this advice. This song is super upbeat and catchy. Perfect music to motivate you if you're being chased or sniping from afar. The song is available for 99 cents on Andrew's site.

3) Zombie Love by Cold Blue Rebels

This poor guy is in love with a zombie. He loves her from her rotting flesh to her unbeating heart. It starts as a 50's ballad and then kicks it up a notch with an energetic swing beat. The video is adorable with the zombie dancers and zombies drinking formaldehyde. So sweet!

What are you favorite zombie tunes?

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