Sunday, July 22, 2012

SDCC 2012: Author Signings and Sightings Part 2

So many author encounters this year! Awesome!

1) Scott Sigler

I randomly saw him last year, so it was nice to see him on purpose this year. He was signing his new book, Nocturnal, which I bought. Since I missed a signing in LA about a month earlier, I was happy to make it up and get to talk to him a bit. He even remembered me and my boyfriend from the many times we've seen him over the years.

2) John Scalzi

I didn't get to go to John Scalzi's signing for Old Man's War, one of my favorite sci-fi books of all time, but I did see him in passing. There was a HUGE line for his signing, so I decided to try my luck at the one for Marie Lu. As we were about to leave, he announced a musical guest: Paul and Storm! They sang Write Like the Wind (George R.R. Martin), which was epic (even if they messed up the lyrics a bit)! I tried to record the song, but I'm not too familiar with those settings on my camera. Sadness! After their impromptu performance, I ran over to Marie Lu's signing.

3) Marie Lu

I waiting in line for her for about an hour, which is impressive for the book lines. I was hoping to get both of her books, Legend and Prodigy, but the sequels were all gone by the time I got there. The Legend books given away were a special Comic Con edition that was pretty cool. Marie was all smiles and super nice. I can't wait to read her book. I have heard nothing but good things about her debut dystopian book.

4) Mark Z. Danielewski

I last saw Mark Z. Danielewski 6 years ago and it was the very first in a very long line of book signings I went to as an adult. His new book The Fifty Year Sword is coming out in October. It was released years ago in Europe and my sister bought if for me a couple years ago for an exorbitant amount. I'm glad it's finally coming out here. I asked him about why it took so long to be published here and he said the time was just right. He previously wanted it to be a graphic novel, but it never quite came together. He also has a new book planned after that called The Familiar. So excited! At the time, everyone was clamoring for his attention. He was at a booth signing Fifty Year Sword party hats and chatting with fans in between being interviewed by various people.

5) E. Van Lowe

Before Comic Con, E invited my boyfriend and I to a dinner on Thursday night. We said we would love to go, but he couldn't get us on the list. Then he asked if we would like to go to a VIP party on Friday night and we said YES! We got there a bit early, waiting in line, and saw a lot of people get turned away because they weren't invited. When we finally got inside, I met quite a few wonderful people and of course got to hang out with E. Van Lowe. His book series Boyfriend from Hell was optioned for a TV series! Plus he has 2 new books coming out: The Zombie Always Knocks Twice (the first of a new series called Hollyweird) and Heaven Sent (the last of the Boyfriend from Hell series). I am so happy for him. While he was mingling with the crowd, some of his friends came to talk to us, including Daanon DeCock, who runs writing conferences and workshops. Before we left for the night, E introduced us to Jamie Kennedy, which was awesome. We had a great time and I hope we get to see E again soon.

6) Daniel H. Wilson

I had no idea Daniel H. Wilson was going to be at Comic Con at all and it's a funny story how we met him. We didn't have tickets for Comic Con on Saturday, so we did off-site things like playing Magic at the Marriot (which we later found out we needed a badge for anyway) and meeting with Gail Carriger at the Hilton. On the way back to the trolley to go home, a guy stopped us to ask where we got the Magic the Gathering paper crowns (my boyfriend was wearing one). We told him where we got it, but it was late and the Con had already closed. I offered him an extra one we had, which he thanked us for and then walked away. A few minutes later, he came back, offered me a copy of his book as a thank you. Very awesome chance encounter.

More SDCC tomorrow!

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