Saturday, July 21, 2012

SDCC 2012: Author Signings and Sightings Part 1

I saw sooooo many authors at Comic Con this year! I think it made up for not going to so many signings for most of this year to save money. Hear are the first half!

1) Gail Carriger

(Sorry about the picture. I had no idea the strap was in front of the lens. Silly me!) I saw her everywhere! Before the first panel I went to, she was talking to fans and I snuck in to say hi and snap a picture. Then I saw her at the Orbit booth later that day. Both times I saw her, I didn't have the book I brought for her to sign. I didn't see her at any more panels, but she had a Twitter meetup at the frozen yogurt place at the Hilton. Unfortunately, there are 2 Hilton hotels really close to the convention center. I arrived a half hour late, but me and about 5 other fans had a great conversation with her. Her Parasol Protectorate series was optioned for a UK TV show! For more details, visit her blog. She also told us of the great woman she named Alexia after, Arcangela Tarabotti, who protested against the Catholic Church's stance that women had no souls. She was forced to join a convent against her will and wrote Paternal Tyranny to protest the misogyny of the time and expose the injustices done to women, arguing that women and men are equal in the eyes of God. I find this endlessly interesting to say the least. She stayed for about an hour and answered all of our questions. She was simply delightful to talk to.

2) Scott Westerfeld

I was so excited that Scott Westerfeld was going to be there. I hadn't seen him since his signing a couple years ago with Sarah Rees Brennan. I decided to bring my copy of Evolution's Darling, one of my favorite science fiction novels about artificial intelligence, for him to sign. He seemed amused I had it and gladly signed it with this inscription (lol):

3) Gennifer Albin

Gennifer was signing and giving away ARC copies of her book, Crewel. I am so excited to read her book, mostly because of Misty's glowing Waiting on Wednesday post. It's an exciting dystopia that sounds unlike anything I've ever read.  Not only did she wear a stunning outfit, but she was super nice and I hope to see her on her book tour after I've read her book.

4) Chase Novak

Chase Novak is the author of Breed, a science fiction book that explores how far some people will go in order to have children. The booth was giving away ARCs of his book and he signed them. The premise of his book sounds awesome and a kind of Rosemary's Baby meets Splice mashup or something like that. I wished I could have talked to him more, the line was massive and I didn't want to hold it up.

5) Michael Grant

I totally blanked on getting a picture after I tried to be so good about it, but alas. He had a dry sort of humor and made everyone laugh. He was signing copies of Eve and Adam, an interesting science fiction novel where Eve is supposed to build Adam. He wrote it with Katherine Applegate, who wrote the Animorphs series I was OBSESSED with as a kid, so I am excited about this book.

More author signings and sightings tomorrow!!

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