Thursday, September 14, 2017

Zombie Tunes Part 2

More songs to nom brains to!

* Vicarious by Tool

This song has a lot of horror imagery with mentions of supernatural creatures like vampires and zombies. The post-apocalyptic imagery is definitely zombie tinged with living while the world dies and devouring to survive. Be prepared for a bleak view of the world with Tool's signature meter changing melodies that keep the song feeling just a little off kilter.

* Zombies, March! by GWAR

This song is from the point of view of the Zombie king who controls the zombies and uses them as slaves and an army. He also bemoans his own blight of unending hunger and not so intelligent soldiers. The video goes between a Night of the Living Dead type black and white film with a modern twist and GWAR singing in their over the top costumes. The zombie parts have some fun twists like a woman screaming at one zombie, waiting to be eaten, and then a whole crowd come and steal his meal. The zombies eventually come into the set and eat all of the rude producers and agents in. The song and video have a great sense of humor.

* She Was a Teenage Zombie by Murderdolls

It's just another story of boy meets undead girl and falls in love with her. I'm not a huge fan of the singing, but the lyrics, story, and beat are fun. The scene they set is delightfully funny and surreal with this guy taking her on a date like she's a normal girl. It's subversive and uses fun puns like drop dead gorgeous.

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