Thursday, September 7, 2017

Zombie Tunes Part 1

Tunes to nom brains to!

* Zombies by Lacuna Coil

This song is a little different than the usual zombie song. Zombies are the downtrodden and ignored that can unite to rise up as one. It's nice to see a song that personifies zombies. Lacuna Coil sets itself apart from other metal bands with the contrast between Cristina Scabbia's beautiful high voice and Andrea Ferro's much rougher and deeper voice that is sometimes almost a gutteral scream.

* Dead and Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots

This is another song from the point of view of a disgusting, rotted zombie. The melody has an almost country lilt that highlights the humor of the ironic lyrics. It seems to be about some kind of betrayal that other people are dismiss as being part of life. This one's a fun listen even though the subject is morbid.

* Carrion Flowers by Chelsea Wolf

Carrion flowers refers to those bizarre flowers that smell like corpses, but this song also uses it to refer to zombies. They are definitely creatures of habit, mindlessly eating and attacking, and grow from repeated crimes as the dead rise from killings or from the crimes of society that caused it. Slow and relentless, they are after you. The unique style features her ethereal soprano vocals over electronic music that evoke heavy metal. I found Chelsea Wolfe looking for zombie songs, but I'll definitely check out some of her other songs.  

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