Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Upcoming Zombies Sneaking Up Behind You Part 3

These are zombie movies shambling  your way soon!

* Anna and the Apocalypse

Anna and the Apocalypse is a high school zombie comedy musical. Before you get all, musicals aren't horror and that sounds awful, this looks like crazy fun and people whose opinion I trust like the Women in Caskets podcast tweeted about how good it was. It looks like a full choreographed type musical that just happens to have zombies. I'm excited to see the scene where presumably Anna is practicing her routine as people fall and die around her. The snowman zombie kill is hilarious and gory. The only think I'm weary about is the actual songs. The one in commercial is a bit generic, but I hope it's an outlier in the soundtrack. I can't wait for the film's release, but it was just shown at Fantastic Fest, so it might be a while.

* Les Affames or The Hungry

There is so much creepy in this trailer. Creepy kids who are probably zombies, abandoned neighborhoods, running zombies, tied up women, hiding from zombies in a field, zombies standing ominously, zombies building some sort of structure (???), zombies screaming, and fighting zombies in the fog! Color me excited. The trailer tells us to stay be silent, be armed, and above all run. This French Canadian zombie movie looks incredibly tense and I can't wait to see it. It's playing in LA at Beyond Fest, but no distribution information yet.

* The Cured

This is the only thing I could find on this movie besides the io9 article about it. From the conversation above and the article, the cured zombies are being reintegrated into society. Can you forgive someone who has killed someone you love? They weren't in control at the time, but it's a hard question to ask of someone. Another issue is that the cured are not in danger from zombies if they get loose and attack again. I want to see a real trailer to get a better idea of if it's going to be mainly a drama or if there will be zombies onscreen. Still eager to watch it either way. I'm glad to see a variety of different stories told. This just screened at Fantastic Fest, so no distribution information yet.

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