Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Upcoming Zombies Sneaking Up Behind You Part 2

More zombie books coming your way!

* Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World by Dahlia Schweitzer

This nonfiction book looks at the trend of viruses and post-apocalyptic narratives in context of the current events, government and media rhetoric, and the way Americans see the world. Schweitzer identifies three different types of story that reflect our society's anxiety about terrorism, pandemics, and the end of civilization. I'm very interested in what she has to say about how these stories reflect us, especially in regard to paranoia and xenophobia. She's going to tackle both movies, TV, and books like The Walking Dead, 24, and 28 Days Later. This book is set to be released February 8, 2018.

* Devils Unto Dust by Emma Burquist

The story starts a decade after the Civil War. A zombie virus has spread across the Texas desert, causing it to be quarantined from the rest of the country. Teenage Willie has kept herself and her sisters safe even after her mother turned contracted the disease. Her deadbeat father steals from a zombie hunter and she's forced to traverse the desert to find him. It seems to have True Grit vibes mixed with zombies and I can't wait for it. This one comes out April 10, 2018.

* Blood Capital by Robert Batten

The zombie virus rears its ugly head in the 21st century, uncureable and quickly spreading. Vampires act to preserve their food supply and humans flock to them in huge numbers without thinking of the repercussions. Generations later, both vampires and humans struggle under corporate rule. A scientist finally discovers the cure to the zombie virus and tries to hide it after so many of her previous discoveries were twisted and used to harm. This book sounds crazy with vampires, humans, zombies, evil corporations, and intrigue. It comes out April 10. 2018 and has no book cover released as of yet.

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