Sunday, September 3, 2017

iZombie Season 2

The second season of iZombie has a lot of twists and turns plus it keeps the show moving forward and the characters changing. Liv Moore continues using the visions she gets from brains to solve murders every episode. The brains she eats are prepared in much more creative and delectable looking ways like Her behavior changes drastically to fit the person's brain and visions are usually triggered when she sees or does something similar to the dead person. The most hilarious instances are Old Man Liv and Frat Boy Bro Liv. She decides once and for all that her relationship with Major can't work and finds new love in Drake, a mysterious zombie with a double life. In some episodes, Liv is a little to zealous and uncaring about protocol and stealth, so she learns the hard way that being cautious can be better.

The character that really grows this season is Major Lilywhite. I found him pretty insufferable last season and he doesn't improve at the beginning hooked on drugs and refusing help. Once he cleans up his act, he works as a trainer at Max Rager, the company headed by the new villain Vaughn du Clark. Vaughn forces Major to kill zombies on his list or he will kill Liv. Instead of murdering people, he sedates them and puts them in a deep freeze to be thawed out when it's safe. I gained a lot of respect for his character doing the best he can in a horrible situation and not becoming a murderer. One new ability of his, created when he was cured, is getting goosebumps when zombies are around, making his Chaos Killer (as he is dubbed by the media) duties easier. I hope Major improves in the next season as well.

This season has a few people being cured and then reverting back to being a zombie due to Ravi's experimental cures. It gets a little old after a while, but Liv is never cured, mostly because other people are in a more urgent state than her and the show wouldn't really be the same if she weren't a zombie. The newest cure causes memory loss, resulting in a much more tolerable and nice Blaine, a refreshing change from his Barney Stinson-esque stint running a funeral home while selling brains and dealing drugs out of it. So, after the his legal troubles, Major has to decide if he values being human over having his memories.

Max Rager and its CEO Vaughn du Clark are the main villains of the season. I really enjoyed his weird macho but affable version of evil. The company doesn't care that it created zombies and only wants to destory them to save themselves from being blamed or having to shut down production. Zombies are experimented upon in the underground labs of Max Rager, causing full blown zombie apocalypse situation where zombies are in full mindless rage hunger mode and can't be brought out of it. The ending is a huge game changer as Vivian Stoll bought Max Rager in order to save zombies and make Seattle into a safe have for them. She unfortunately seems to an absolutist view which could prove bad for Liv and company next season.

My rating: 4.5/5 fishmuffins

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