Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zombies in Art 1

I have scoured the internets (mostly just actually) and found some amazing zombie art that I would love to share with you!

1) Om Nom Nom by *Alephunky

Who would have thought that zombie fingers could be creepy and funny? It's a very simple photo, but clever and silly.

2) Zombie Walk 2010 by ~proxybutterfly

This zombie makeup and costume is simply amazing. Through the bloody makeup, she actually looks quite beautiful and serene.

3) Zombie Day: Circle by ~BrunaBrito

I never knew how busy a zombie's day was! It's nice to know if I ever turn zombie I will have lots to do. The little zombies are just adorable. My favorite times of day are MJ Thriller Dance time, Catch on Fire time, and Hide from Military/Woody Harrelson time. To see all the individual times better, I would recommend clicking the title and full viewing it on deviantArt.

4) Sharing is Caring by ~FemmeBrulee

An adorable depiction of zombie love complete with brains in the popcorn. Awwww!

Have you done or seen zombie art you want to share?

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