Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Fluxx is a zombapocalypse game with constantly changing rules for anywhere from 2 to around 10 people. (The directions say up to 6, but it totally works with a bigger group.) My best friend gave it to me for my last birthday and everyone I know has had a blast playing it. The game comes with 100 cards and, of course, instructions.

There are different types of cards: goal cards, ungoal cards, keeper cards, creeper cards, action cards, and new rule cards. Goal cards tell you what sort of cards you need in play to win. Ungoal cards allow the zombies to win and all the players to lose. Keeper cards are items that have different uses and help satisfy the goal requirements. Creeper cards are zombies move around the board and come alone or in groups. Action cards allow you to do things such as draw more cards, discard cards, steal things from other people, etc. The new rule cards are what makes the game so fun: they change the rules of the game. At the beginning, everyone is given 3 cards. The base rule is to draw 1 card and play 1 card. There are cards to change those numbers, make players groan when zombies are played, render keepers useless or discarded, etc.
This game is super easy to play and usually a half hour at the most to finish. It's fast paced and you have to pay attention to the different rules and win conditions. The game is even better with more plays because no two games are ever going to be the same. Chance is a huge part of game play, so no matter how you strategize, you may become disappointed when a random card comes along and ruins your careful plans. That's about the the only negative for this game. There are many different types of Fluxx games and you can even mix two of the games together. I really want to try Monty Python Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx together because they seem like the most zany fun. I think the zombie version is the best because zombies are superior to pirates, Martians, and even Monty Python. I highly recommend this super fun, party game!

My rating: 4.5/5 fishmuffins


Sullivan McPig said...

I love zombie Fluxx!
And it's indeed a blast to combine it with Monty Python fluxx

vvb32 reads said...

awww, fun. i need to try this one.