Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beat the Heat Read-a-thon

It's read-a-thon time! I'm starting a new job (YAY!!!) soon and I want to keep myself reading and blogging during my first year of teaching. I've let my blog gather dust sometimes and I don't want that to happen now. I noticed Andrea at Bookish Lifestyle signed up for two readathons that span 3 weeks and it sounded like a great idea. I'm going to copy her and do both the Bout of Books 14 Read-a-thon and the Beat the Heat Read-a-thon.

Sign up with Novel Heartbeat or Phantasmic Reads. Just do a sign up post, set your own goal, and read, read, read. There will be mini-challenges and grand prizes.

My goal is to just keep reading. I'll probably be finishing up some books for September Zombies and reading books for the horror-fest that is October.