Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombies in Art 3

Last edition of zombies in art!

1) Zombies by KAL1MAR1

A classic face nomming picture with very realistic special effects.

The Battle of Yonkers is one of the most memorable scenes of Max Brooks

' World War Z. It was a disastrous and horrible battle between the US military and the undead which is beautifully rendered in this work of art.

3) Zombie by ~uncherished

I have seen this photo all over the internet and I'm glad I finally found the original source. It's such a simple imagine, but very powerful and well put together.

This photo is a very cute, 50's style photo. It's a homage to the film Fido (which you should totally see if you haven't) about a 50's zombie apocalypse situation where zombies have been enslaved to do menial tasks. A romance develops between a neglected housewife and her zombie butler, Fido.

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M.A.D. said...

Titania - awesome pictures!!!
Heh, we were just talking about how we've been trying to find Fido to watch, can't find it in any store around here :(