Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zombie Songs 3

More zombie songs to shuffle around and nom brains to!

1) Wake the Dead by The Used

This rock song is deliciously creepy and high energy with heavy guitars and drums. I like that there is just a dash of scream-o added for flavor. It really gives the song a little more anguish and anger.

2) Blood Red Summer by Coheed and Cambria

Although the title of the song is awesome, it's actually the video that is zombie themed. At the beginning of the video, they set traps, fortify their cabin, and keep watch. The rest of the band gets turned into zombies while the lead singer is left all alone, waiting for his zombified band mates to come and eat him. It's actually pretty light hearted for a zombie video.

3) Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mash-up by the Glee cast

I know it's a little cheesy and they tend to autotune the crap out of everyone's voice, but I really like this mash-up of Michael Jackson's Thriller and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll. The 2 songs really work well together and I love seeing the Glee cast in zombie makeup. The choreography (that's actually different from the very famous Thriller dance) and spooky football field are awesome. I hope it made a lot of people look up the 2 original songs and enjoy them in their own right. PS they need to give Santana more solos because her voice fucking rocks.

4) The Zombie Love Song by Jonathan Chan

This is seriously the most adorable zombie song ever. It captures images of beautiful zombie love. The ending is kinda gross, but still manages to be cute. :)

Any zombie tunes you guys enjoy? Share them please!


M.A.D. said...

Jonathan did such a sweet job - wonderful song [for zombie music, that is hehe], kinda catchy ;D

LoriStrongin said...

YES!!!!! I totally rec'd Heads Will Roll/Thriller in your previous zombie music post! :)

Yeah, I hate the autotune thing too, but absolutely they need to give Naya Rivera more solos. Kevin Hale, too (who can SO out-sing Cory Monthieth any day of the week!).


titania86 said...

@Lori: I loved that you rec'd it! I had it planned already, but it's nice to know someone else likes it too. :D Cory Monteith is all autotune and he needs to step aside sometimes for other people.