Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Internet Awesomeness: Zombie Edition 2

1) Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut gets Bitten

Ever wonder if your plants turn to zombies when they get bitten or what they talk about when their not defending your house? Find out in this video!

2) Zombies: The Ramifications of Yes

If only every person making decisions for a company would keep the zombie apocalypse in mind. But how spoiled milk makes people into zombies is a mystery to me.

3) I Love Sarah Jane

This is a great short film about the lives of a group of children and young adults after the zombie apocalypse. The themes share a lot in common with Jonathan Maberry's Dust and Decay, the most notable being recognizing that zombies were once human. I was surprised that such a short film managed to incite such strong feelings of both sympathy and disgust.

Link any zombie videos you would like to share!

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