Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Cool Stuff!

I have some cool stuff to share with you!

1) White Whisker Books, the publisher of E. Van Lowe's upcoming book Boyfriend from Hell, used a quote from my review on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble pages for the eBook. So awesome! I did a happy dance when E let me know about it. :) Some other blogs are quoted as well, such as Pretty Opinionated, Lalaine's Fiction Book Reviews, and My Neurotic Book Affair.

2) A magazine called The Yeti had an article in the April issue called What Directors Are Doing to Get Into Your Skull about the growing trend of modern horror films pushing the boundaries of violence. (Be warned that pictures in the article are NSFW.) My post about the film Deadgirl was referenced as proof of "scholars of cinema coming to the aid of gory titles like these" which "could mean that the definition of propriety is changing yet again in today's film world." I'm practically giddy that someone used me as a reference in favor of a movement I care about. Under the article is also a cool interview with Lucky McKee, director of May and Sick Girl, about his film The Woman and other horror titles, such as A Serbian Film.

3) My blog almost has 100 followers! Yay!

4) September Zombies is just around the corner! My favorite time of year! You can look forward to 30 days of awesome zombie post: book reviews, movie reviews, zombie music, and hopefully some author interviews.

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LoriStrongin said...

Ooh, sweet! Congrats on all the great nods! You deserve them--you totally write awesome reviews and horror movie critiques!

And YAY for zombies! I'll be looking forward to seeing what reviews you'll be bringing to us!