Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Night Circus Playlist

Here are some songs that reminded me of The Night Circus or shared some themes with it.

1) Aqua is an awesome pop band from my childhood. I recently was given their album Aquarius and this is one of my favorite tracks from it: Goodbye to the Circus.

2) Mirrormask is one of my favorite movies. It's kind of like Labyrinth and The Wizard of Oz with Neil Gaiman thrown in the mix. The story is about Helena whose family owns a circus. She fights with her parents as teens are wont to do because she just wants a normal life, but her mother gets very sick and she blames it on herself. She goes into this other world where she must wake the White Queen and find her double to return to her mother the Dark Queen. Anyway, the film score by Iain Ballamy is wonderful. He puts together instruments I never thought would work well together like the soprano sax and the accordian. The melodies just seem to soar out and it sounds effortless. I just love it and it has a magical quality. Watch the film if you haven't yet.

3) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a film that has a similar feel to The Night Circus. The story is about an aging but immortal magician who bets against the Devil and madness ensues. I need to watch the movie again because it's very surreal, but I would recommend it. The score is beautiful and is composed by Mychael and Jeff Danna. I don't recall hearing other scores by them, but this one is wonderful.

4) Vermillion Lies was introduced to me because they opened for Amanda Palmer. They are comprised of twin sisters Kim and Zoe Boekbinder and they incorporate carabet and circus into their music. Their song is a little darker than The Night Circus, but is delightful nonetheless.

Any playlists for books you guys have read? Please share! :)

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Kimby said...

Thank you for these great music suggestions for The Night Circus! I'm moderating the discussion for our book club next month and am using the Aqua song in a presentation. The Vermilion Lies was another good one. Also would suggest the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Red Baron Remix)that has a creepy tempo. Thanks again!