Thursday, April 14, 2011

Netflix Horror Movie Mini-Reviews

I just got Netflix a couple of weeks ago and I am so addicted to cheesy horror movies on there! I just wanted to post a few of my thoughts on the films I've watched so far. If I feel really passionate about something, I might write a full review, but for now, these will do.

1) The Human Centipede

A mad scientist attaches three people together so they have a continuous digestive tract because he's crazy, weird, and sadistic. The disgusting and illogical premise aside, this movie was just bad: bad acting, bad writing, bad characters. For example, one of the girls escapes from the basement makeshift operating room before the surgery and tries to escape. Sort of. Her version of this was to run into the creepy doctor's room and cower behind the bed. Forget looking for any exits or making a call on the phone in PLAIN SIGHT right in front of the door she just locked. Cowering behind the bed and screaming is the way to go. Anther example is when 2 policemen come to the doctor's house and he tries to drug their water, flips out on them when the water is spilled, and is caught hiding a syringe. His weak excuse for the syringe is that it's insulin for his diabetes and they buy it. Really?? This plus his bizarre behavior isn't reason enough to search his house or take him in for questioning or anything.This is only one instance of the characters' stupid decisions and horrible reasoning that extends to every aspect of the movie.

My rating: 4/10 stars

2) The Descent 2

I absolutely loved The Descent, so I was looking forward to the sequel. The first film is about a group of women that go caving together, get trapped in an undiscovered cave, and encounter creepy cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers. Sarah escapes the cave (which I completely disagree with based on the ending of the UK version of the film) and is forced to return shortly after to see what happened to her friends. Pretty much Aliens, but underground instead of in space. I was really disappointed. The first one was brilliant and had a balance of dealing with real, everyday problems and the crazy supernatural ones while this one focuses on cheap scares and gross out scenes. In the first one, it was debatable if the creatures were even real or just the characters psychologically breaking down. Also, the sequel really doesn't stay true to the characters at all. Plus I found the ending absolutely ridiculous. There wasn't enough information on a certain character for it to make any sort of sense.

My rating: 2/10

3) Roman

This movie is about an awkward, socially inept guy named Roman, who stalks a girl, becomes her boyfriend, and, when she finds out about the stalking, he accidentally kills her. Some time goes by and another beautiful girl shows interest in him. Can this relationship turn out better than the last? Will his dead girlfriend be jealous? The movie starts out really slowly and is obviously very low budget. It takes a while to warm up, but I actually really enjoyed it. It reminded me a little bit of May, which isn't surprising considering Lucky McKee, the director of May, played Roman and Angela Bettis, who played May, was the director. Anyway, much like May, even though he's a murderer, I really felt for Roman and his inability to connect with other people. The ending was kind of obvious, but I was still really sad for him. There's a slow, suspenseful build up to it and I was praying that my prediction wouldn't come true every step of the way. I was surprised that I had such an emotional reaction to it because I was expecting something like the other films on this list: cheesy and kind of bad. Roman is an odd and quirky little film that not everyone is going to like. If you're looking for something outside of the norm in horror, this would be on the top of the list.

My rating: 9/10 fishmuffins

Do any of you have Netflix? Any movies I should check out?

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