Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Internet Awesomeness 4

More videos for your viewing pleasure!!

1) I'm sure all of you have heard about the racist UCLA girl complaining about Asians talking on the phone in the library unless you've been living under a Youtubeless rock. There are probably countless responses to that very unfortunate and hopefully regretted video, but the best of them has to be Jimmy Wong's super catchy and awesome song, Ching Chong! Asians in the Library Song. Although there is a fair bit of mocking Alexandra, this song responds to something hateful with something funny and creative. I love it!

2) This is one of the cutest videos I've ever seen. Kitties that dream they ride a spaceship and destroy a paper world dressed as dinosaurs. Seriously, what's not to like? Plus it fulfills your daily dose of cute for about a year.

3) At the Shorty Awards, Amanda Palmer sang a song using the most amusing tweets as lyrics to the tune of Rebecca Black's Friday. My personal favorites are Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, and Beaker. Thank you to Misty from The Book Rat for sending it to me and making me smile! :)

4) This final video is the collaboration of many students at Wesleyan University to save funding for Planned Parenthood. Unlike many conservatives would have you think, Planned Parenthood isn't an abortion machine. There are many services that are provided to people who couldn't normally afford it, such as contraception, general health care, cancer screenings, STD tests and treatment, pelvic exams, among many others. I'm proud to see others my age taking a stand for their reproductive health and an organization that is instrumental in doing so. The article in the description is really interesting and worth a read.

Hope you all liked these videos! <3


JL_Bryan said...

Awesome collection of videos today :)

Misty said...

hahaha. I love the Ching Chong Library Song one. Very clever. "It means I love you!" That's just brilliant. :D

Misty said...

Oh, and KITTEHS! SEX! TWITTER! Good stuff across the board. The twitter song randomly popped in my head the other day - just the Beaker part. I was seriously walking around singing "Mee mee mee mee mee!" O_O

Glad you liked it! :)