Saturday, September 8, 2018

Zombie Tunes!

Songs to nom brains to!

* Zombie Dance by The Cramps

The lyrics paint a lovely picture of a zombie prom, how zombies would act, and how they would still have a good time. The style is a nice mix of punk and surf rock that is a little cheerful and a little edgy.

* We're Coming to Kill Ya by Zachariah and the Lobos Riders

This song combines elements that seem they wouldn't go together at all: rap and country line dancing. The verses and title recitations are all in a rap/hip hop style while the chorus is a relaxed country complete with fiddle accompaniment and line dancing. The lyrics are quite clever with word play, visceral images, and a sense of humor. The verse welcomes others to become zombies and join the party while the rest are generally about eating people.

* Conversation 16 by The National

This isn't immediately apparent as a zombie song, but it gets there. I interpret it as the singer being afraid of getting steeped in the routine of everyday life and turning into a zombie. All his hopes, dreams, and passion might just sap away eventually until he's an undead husk of what he once was. It's more metaphorical, but effective nonetheless.

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